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July 21, 2010

Zavino Pizza and Wine Bar


I lived on 13th Street for 5 years, so I feel a warmth in my heart every time another great neighborhood spot opens.  I may not live there anymore, but it still feels like my own.  Zavino is a far cry from the greasy tables of Mama Angelina’s and the 13th St. Pizza counter of my day.


The menu has 4 sections: veggies, seasonal specials, meats and cheeses, and pizza. It being the height of the season right now, both the veggies and seasonal specials are wonderful.   They love to pair a vegetable with a fruit (as do I) and that is perfect at this time of year.  Most of the seasonal specials I have ordered involve mozzarella.  Last week, this was pillowy slices of burrata, for those days when fresh mozzarella isn’t quite indulgent enough.  If you are cheese resistant, the specials usually include at least one pasta dish daily, pizza specials, salads, and other little things they feel like sticking in there.  (all veggies $6, specials $6-$15)


(Kennett pizza.  I can only apologize for the quality of this photo; the light was fading.)

The pizzas are my preferred crust type — not paper-thin, practically a flatbread; not overly-thick, “did I get a fancy Boboli?” — but a thin crust, with a nice bit of chew on the ends.  The oven is hot, hot, hot, as you will discover heading to the bathroom, so there’s a nice blackening bubbling going on with the crust.  All 3 pizzas I have tried have been lovely, but I think the Sopressata, with pickled onions, olives and Claudio’s mozzarella, is my favorite. ($9-$14)

On my last visit, I also saw several of their meat/cheese/veggie tasting boards ($18) go by, and was regretful each time that I had not ordered one.  But, I’ve found that for two people, a veggie, special, and pie were the perfect amount of food. If you’re feeling ambitious, I did see several pizza fans finish off their own!

They have plenty of wine choices, all available by the glass, and their seasonal cocktails looked tempting.  (Root beer float with ROOT and cream soda? Um, yum!)  But Zavino, you won my heart with one simple move.

,housemade soda

This is one of Zavino’s tasty housemade sodas. It is $5, a perfect size for sharing, and available flavors vary by day.  The lemon-lime is wonderfully tart.  The strawberry had nice fresh strawberry flavor.  None of them are super sweet.  Trey Popp informed me (via Restaurant Club) that they even fizz the water in-house.  You know what stinks about being pregnant?  Ordering iced tea all the time.  You know who feels my pain?  Zavino.  On behalf of the preggie sisterhood, I thank you for your delightful non-alcoholic options. 

112 South 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4532
(215) 732-2400

Zavino is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week; late-night Friday and Saturday.

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