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August 7, 2009

Making Peach Jam

The CSA peaches were beginning to go by the time I came back from Boston.  Rather than hurry to choke them down, I decided to bite the bullet, stop just reading Food in Jars, and try to make some jam.  A mini batch, because you’re looking at all my peaches.

Peel and chop the peaches?  Check.

Boil with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon?  Check.

Here, in the missing step, I may have added too much pectin.  Or maybe I needed to use liquid pectin.  I’m not sure.

The canning itself made me a little nervous.  I felt like I was going to hear the jar crack at any second.

But the seal was good, and you are looking at my very first jar of jam!

Only one problem: I don’t really eat peach jam, so I don’t know if it’s a good peach jam.  But as first attempts go, it’s not a bad one.  I’m still scared to risk my precious, precious cherries on a jam attempt.  I think I’m going to try blueberry jam next.

Now, here are my questions for all you jam makers out there:  Could I just put the fresh jam straight into my fridge, without sealing the jar, if I were planning to use it right away?  It seems like the answer should be yes — the jam is made, and the jar is just to preserve it through time.  But I didn’t want to wreck it accidentally.

Also, how much do you expect the flavor to change, if at all, from the pre-pectin stage to the final result?  I thought it had a nice cinnamony taste when I was cooking it, but seemed somewhat bland when I was done.  Of course, it was still hot when I was tasting, and it was cool later, but should I have added more spices?

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